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Outdoor Adventure Brand Inspired by the Grouse Grind

There's nothing quite like being in the mountains of British Columbia. They've inspired stories and songs, paintings and films. And now they've inspired Grindaholic. Gerry Rahn founded Grindaholic to share his passion for West Coast living. An avid hiker, Gerry knows first-hand the allure of the great outdoors and wants to help others live the Grindaholic lifestyle. So whether you're a life-long explorer or a first time hiker, we invite you to wear the mountain and discover for yourself what it means to be a true Grindaholic. Learn more about our outdoor adventure t-shirt, apparel, and clothing brand and the Grindaholic Philosophy by [clicking here].


Grindaholic is not affiliated with Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd. in any way, shape, or form.