Is Hiking a Sport?

We’re not sure why it’s important for some people to define an activity as being a sport. Perhaps the categorization adds the legitimacy they need so that others take their favorite pastime more seriously? 

Whatever the reason, the topic seems to be trending, thanks in part to the recent inclusion of other outdoor activities in the 2020 Summer Olympics, surfing in particular. 

In order to help interested parties arrive at a conclusion, let’s look at a few definitions of the word, sport:

New Year Hiking Resolutions You Can Stick To

2018 is almost here (at press) and like most of us you’re planning to tackle those new year resolutions. But also like many of us, you have a habit of not sticking to some or all of them for very long.

The key to success, is to tie your resolve to something that you love to do. And given that you’re on this website it’s safe to assume that you love to hike. Therefore, in order to set you off on the right path, the crew at Grindaholic pooled some of our own personal new year resolutions to put together a top five list that will inspire you (an avid hiker) to be even better in 2018, and beyond.

Best December Hikes Around Vancouver BC

Here we are smack dab in the middle of December and you're itching to get out there and go for a hike. Here's the good news for those of you living (or visiting) the Greater Vancouver area at this time of the year - you can actually hike the region with the right winter preparedness plan in place. But where exactly can and should you go to satisfy your need for an off the beaten path adventure? Once again, the crew at Grindaholic has you covered.

Safety Tips for Winter Hiking in BC

We heard somewhere that hiking season was over in BC. That's cute.

While it's true that prime time for crowds has passed, the season is in full swing for the dedicated hiker, those who don't want things to be too easy and embrace the challenge that winter brings to their favorite activity. And of course there is the whole new land and mountain-scape that the season affords, with beautiful snowcaps, frosted pines, and icy ponds to snap photos of along the way. We're good with the fact that bears are hibernating too.

But for all of the awesomeness of winter hiking in British Columbia, it does require a bit more skill and a set of unique preparations to boot, better hiking boots included. As big fans of hiking in a winter wonderland  Grindaholic is here to share our tips for the cold-shoulder season months ahead.

Grouse Mountain Gifts - Christmas Gift Ideas for Grindaholics

If the red cups are already being served at Starbucks then it's not too early to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas for the Grouse Grind aficionado (aka Grindaholic) in your life. Getting them something that speaks to their passion is a great way to show them that you care, and have actually put some real thought into their gift. That's (the thought) what counts after all, right? Heck no! They want to goods too ;)

An Update from Grindaholic Founder - Gerry Rahn

We are getting near the end (well, for some) of another hiking season in Greater Vancouver, at least as it applies to the Grouse Grind, BCMC and Larson Trails. Now is a great time to share some updates and information that I personally received from local Parks Board staff on the Grind.

Let me begin by saying that I firmly believe that the new presence of the Parks Board Staff on the Grouse Grind (they have added it to their patrols) has been a wonderful and much overdue addition. There’s a good reason for this.

Grouse Grind Fitness Levels - Benefits of Hiking the Grind

If you're looking for answers about how to prepare your body for the Grouse Grind, we've detailed those fitness tips in a previous post (click here). This article however, is about how the Grouse Grind will make you more fit.

We suppose it's a bit of a "chicken or egg" scenario. Yes, it's true that you should achieve a certain level of health and wellness before attempting the Grind, but once you're at that level, making the hike a part of your normal fitness routine will make you exponentially stronger and more capable of tackling all of the other outdoor adventures that the world affords. 

Today, we have provided a list of physical fitness rewards found from becoming a Grindaholic, just in case you needed a little extra push up the mountain.

Hiking Grouse Grind in the Rain - What You Need to Know

While we're the first to say that the early fall season is one of the best times to hike the Grouse Grind, things get a bit more tricky as the weeks post autumn equinox progress. The reason? Rainy season arrives in Greater Vancouver, with more rainfall in October and November than the rest of the year. That said, we're happy to see that it does not stop hardcore hikers from hitting the trail, even though we do kind of dig the thinning crowds of the season.

Of course, you may not yet count yourself among this lot of hardcore hikers, but absolutely aspire to be, and we applaud that spirit! That's why we're here to answer the query that you punched into Google just now, about hiking the Grouse Grind in the rain. Let's find out what you can do to prepare yourself for the mountain hike when the forecast looks soggy.

Hiking Mount Cheam in Chilliwack - What You Need to Know

While Grindaholic was founded on the roots of love for the world famous Grouse Grind, we of course hike (and encourage others to do so) the other awesome mountain trails found throughout BC and beyond (way beyond).

One hike that few know about (which helps keep the crowds down) is Mount Cheam, located near Chilliwack just outside of the Lower Mainland, overlooking the Fraser Valley. In addition to boasting one of the most spectacular views in the region, it is an all around fantastic hike for those of all skill reasonable levels. 

Grouse Grind Celebrities - Famous People Who Hike the Grind

Grouse Grind Celebrities - Famous People Who Hike the Grind

The Grouse Grind is world famous for the physical and mental challenge it presents and the bounty of natural beauty found along its rugged path. Of course, fame begets more of the same, and thus our favorite trail has attracted not only every day Joes and Janes, but celebrities too. Some try to sneak in the hike indiscreetly, while others bring the spotlight along with them. To feed your curiosity, we thought we'd share a list of recent Grindaholics who are almost as famous as our world renowned mountain itself.

Why Now is the Best Time to do the Grouse Grind

Last month we released an article regarding the best times of the day/week to do the Grouse Grind. It broke down the pockets of time by your preferences regarding crowds and so forth. View the specifics here

However, when it comes to the optimal occasion in a general sense, you’re looking at it. Here we are at the onset of September, with school back in session and pumpkin spice lattes lining the tabletops of your favorite local cafe. Yes indeed, you won’t find a much better opportunity to seize the day and hit the Grouse Grind and other Lower Mainland area hikes. Here’s why.

How to Prepare for the Grouse Grind - Part II

Back during the early rumblings of the 2017 season on the Grouse Grind we released the first article on how to prepare yourself to take on the famous (and infamous) mountain hike. As we enter the final stretch of the season, we thought we’d revisit the concept so that beginners (congrats!) are ready for the dog days of summer and early fall weeks up the peak. So, without a moment to waste, let’s get to it.

Best Time to do the Grouse Grind - Know Before You Go

Next to advice on how to prepare for the Grouse Grind (answer) and what to bring on the Grouse Grind (answer) many first-timers inquire about the best times to tackle “Mother Nature’s Stair Master”. 

There are a variety of reasons for wanting to know this. Some of you want to avoid the thick summer crowds on the hike. Some are concerned about the changing conditions through the hours of the day. Others want to make sure they can catch the next Gondola down without having to sit in queue for over an hour and some want to arrive just in time for some après-hike festivities on the mountain. Whichever the case, Grindaholic has broken down the times of the day that may suit your goals best.

A Grouse Mountain Proposal & Other Grouse Grind Event Ideas

The primary reason for doing the Grouse Grind is the hike, of course. However, if you are looking for a unique place (and way) to celebrate a new milestone in your life, or to break from the norm when planning an upcoming event, you may have stumbled upon the perfect ground to do so. Before you finalize your calendar for the year ahead, consider the world famous trail for any of the following.

Join Grindaholic’s Weekly Grouse Grind Hiking Group Meet-Up

Can’t get enough of the Grouse Grind or other challenging hikes found around Greater Vancouver? Find comfort in numbers, or simply crave to join a community of hikers with a similar insatiable thirst for outdoor adventure? Then you may be a Grindaholic. 

Good, we’ve got a group for you.

We would like to invite you to become an official Grindaholic, while helping us launch a weekly meet-up at the base of Grouse Mountain where we would do the Grind together, while resecting each individual’s own pace.

Sure, there are Grouse Grind Mingler Nights (every Wednesday through the summer) that are popular with regular Grinders and others who take the gondola up to partake in the action that includes musical bingo, food, drinks, and prizes. That sort of thing has it’s place, but given the Grindaholic philosophy, our group meet-ups will be different. More hike-focused and more core, but also fun. 

The key, is finding a day and time that works for all interested parties. We’ll agree upon one or two days per week to accommodate varying schedules (perhaps on the weekend?).

The plan is as follows.

We will meet at the base of the Grouse Grind until all registered members arrive. Once we’ve hugged, high-fived, fist-bumped, or shook hands (old school), we will all begin the Grind at the same time.

But this isn’t a race, as you should feel free to hike at your very own pace. Of course, you’re more than welcome to challenge a fellow Grindaholic to see who logs the best time. Whichever category you fall under we’ll be there with you, either along the way or encouraging you on from atop as you reach the peak.

At the peak, some or all of us will sit down for coffee and/or breakfast/lunch/dinner depending upon the time of day. We’re sure they’ll be a few late evenings over cocktails too, for those (of-age) inclined to celebrate the Grind with good spirits and libations.

As a part of the group, we’ll be taking photos and/or videos (upon everyone’s approval) to share on the Grindaholic Facebook and Instagram profiles - your new online Grouse Grind community!

All of the fitness, hiking fun, and hijinks (and there will be some) aside, there is one core reason for the existence of this group - support. Members of the Grindaholic gang will be there to coach and motivate newcomers, beginners, intermediates, and hardcore enthusiasts alike. There are no age or skill level limits here folks. And Gerry Rahn, founder of Grindaholic, will be on deck for support.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The Grindaholic group will discuss and plan other area hikes, including the BCMC, the Squamish Chief (aka Stawamus Chief), Black Tusk, and more. We will look forward to everyone’s input as we map out where we, the Grindaholics, will go next. 

Sound awesome? Great! So what’s next?

All we need from you is to get in touch. As of July/August 2017 we are simply hammering down the details, so your input (best day/s of the week, etc.) will be taken into consideration, but feel free to offer other suggestions and ideas for group hiking activities. Contact Gerry Rahn by texting/calling 604-841-2145 during daylight hours, email us at, or message us on Instagram or Facebook.

We look forward to having you join our group! 

Be sure to join the Grindaholic community sooner than later by picking up a shirt here.

Grouse Mountain Too Expensive? How to Get the Grouse Grind Experience for Less

Grouse mountain is a natural wonder of the world. However, not everyone gets to enjoy it as much as they’d like, given the price tag that goes along with the combo that includes hiked-up resort gift shop, cafe, restaurant, and gondola prices.

As an unofficial ambassador to the mountain’s biggest draw in the spring and summer, the Grouse Grind, we would hate to think that anyone is missing out on the whole experience because of money. After all, you should be able to enjoy the peak as much as the hike.

Whether you are looking to a low cost staycation idea for your outdoor-centric family, are visiting and keeping the travel budget in check, or are simply looking to take advantage of your own backyard without hitting the pocketbook, the following tips will help you enjoy the mountain without climbing into $100+ territory.

Grouse Grind Guided Tours Now Available

Grindaholic always aspired to be so much more than an apparel brand. We wanted to build a community of people with a feverous appreciation for the great outdoors and the adventures that it affords us. Given that our home base is in Greater Vancouver BC, it all begins with one of the world's most revered (and sometimes feared) hiking destinations - the Grouse Grind.

2017 Seek The Peak Recap and Grindaholic Results

While we’re coming off of the 1st anniversary of the official Grindaholic launch (pat on the back, crew) there was a much better reason to celebrate (and participate) this past weekend. 

The 14th annual Seek the Peak Race (for the BC Cancer Foundation) ran on Sunday June 25. We gathered up some of the Vancouver chapter of Grindaholics and formed a team (competitors and supporters) for the grueling event. We’d like to give a special shoutout to competitors Lizette Renker (Cloverdale), Mark Lamont (North Burnaby), Milan Roy (Vancouver BC) and Gerry Rahn (Surrey) in addition to supporters who included Robyn Rahn, Glenda Lamont, Steve Mynott and Francine Roulston (photographer).

Allow us to provide a brief breakdown of how the team performed.

BCMC Grouse Mountain Rescue - A Day in the Life

BCMC Grouse Mountain Rescue - A Day in the Life

We just wanted to share a little story from Gerry Rahn, the founder of Grindaholic. We're were talking about our recent adventures over coffee and Gerry brought up a hike he went on over a week ago. He doesn't know we're sharing it here today, but we think it bears repeating. Sorry Gerry, we know you're humble.

Over a week ago the original Grindaholic was hiking up the BCMC on his second of three hikes in the span of 12 hours. Gerry was 3/4's of the way up when he heard faint sounds of other hikers way off in the distance. He couldn't quite make out the precise words, but undertones of stress and concern were clear.