Join Grindaholic’s Weekly Grouse Grind Hiking Group Meet-Up

//Join Grindaholic’s Weekly Grouse Grind Hiking Group Meet-Up

Join Grindaholic’s Weekly Grouse Grind Hiking Group Meet-Up

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Weekly Grouse Grind Hiking Group Meet-Up

Can’t get enough of the Grouse Grind or other challenging hikes found around Greater Vancouver? Find comfort in numbers, or simply crave to join a community of hikers with a similar insatiable thirst for outdoor adventure? Then you may be a Grindaholic.

Good, we’ve got a group for you.

We would like to invite you to become an official Grindaholic, while helping us launch a weekly meet-up at the base of Grouse Mountain where we would do the Grind together, while resecting each individual’s own pace.

Sure, there are Grouse Grind Mingler Nights (every Wednesday through the summer) that are popular with regular Grinders and others who take the gondola up to partake in the action that includes musical bingo, food, drinks, and prizes. That sort of thing has it’s place, but given the Grindaholic philosophy, our group meet-ups will be different. More hike-focused and more core, but also fun.

The key, is finding a day and time that works for all interested parties. We’ll agree upon one or two days per week to accommodate varying schedules (perhaps on the weekend?).

The plan is as follows.

We will meet at the base of the Grouse Grind until all registered members arrive. Once we’ve hugged, high-fived, fist-bumped, or shook hands (old school), we will all begin the Grind at the same time.

But this isn’t a race, as you should feel free to hike at your very own pace. Of course, you’re more than welcome to challenge a fellow Grindaholic to see who logs the best time. Whichever category you fall under we’ll be there with you, either along the way or encouraging you on from atop as you reach the peak.

At the peak, some or all of us will sit down for coffee and/or breakfast/lunch/dinner depending upon the time of day. We’re sure they’ll be a few late evenings over cocktails too, for those (of-age) inclined to celebrate the Grind with good spirits and libations.

As a part of the group, we’ll be taking photos and/or videos (upon everyone’s approval) to share on the Grindaholic Facebook and Instagram profiles – your new online Grouse Grind community!

All of the fitness, hiking fun, and hijinks (and there will be some) aside, there is one core reason for the existence of this group – support. Members of the Grindaholic gang will be there to coach and motivate newcomers, beginners, intermediates, and hardcore enthusiasts alike. There are no age or skill level limits here folks. And Gerry Rahn, founder of Grindaholic, will be on deck for support.

Weekly Grouse Grind Hiking Group Meet-Up

But it doesn’t stop there.

The Grindaholic group will discuss and plan other area hikes, including the BCMC, the Squamish Chief (aka Stawamus Chief), Black Tusk, and more. We will look forward to everyone’s input as we map out where we, the Grindaholics, will go next.

Sound awesome? Great! So what’s next?

All we need from you is to get in touch. As of July/August 2017 we are simply hammering down the details, so your input (best day/s of the week, etc.) will be taken into consideration, but feel free to offer other suggestions and ideas for group hiking activities. Contact Gerry Rahn by texting/calling 604-841-2145 during daylight hours, email us at, or message us on Instagram or Facebook.

We look forward to having you join our group!

Be sure to join the Grindaholic community sooner than later by picking up a shirt here.

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