How to Prepare for the Grouse Grind – Part II

//How to Prepare for the Grouse Grind – Part II

How to Prepare for the Grouse Grind – Part II

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Back during the early rumblings of the 2017 season on the Grouse Grind we released the first article on how to prepare yourself to take on the famous (and infamous) mountain hike. As we enter the final stretch of the season, we thought we’d revisit the concept so that beginners (congrats!) are ready for the dog days of summer and early fall weeks up the peak. So, without a moment to waste, let’s get to it.

5 Beginner’s Tips to a Successful Grouse Grind Experience

1. Get Grind Fit

Assuming that you have a few weeks (or even just days) to prepare to do the Grind, you’ll want to take a crash course in Grouse Grind fitness. If you’re already an avid hiker, it’s still worth reading ahead, as we all let the core work slip from time to time. And that’s where it really begins – with your core. Be sure to incorporate some intense body core exercises into your preparedness regime, an essential physicality to have when doing any vertical climb. In addition, do your prep workouts in the great outdoors at higher elevations and tackle a few beginner level hikes in your local area to get your body used to the motions. Click here to view a more detailed accounting of how to prepare your body for the Grouse Grind.

2. Secure and Pack the Essentials

A big part of the question surrounding how to prepare for the Grouse Grind is knowing what to bring. Glad you asked! Supplies (or a lack thereof) can make or break your experience. The answer is pretty clear. Here is the list of essentials:

  • Light backpack
  • Water
  • Nutrition Bars and Light (Nutritious) Snacks
  • Layers of clothing
  • First-Aid Essentials
  • Hand towel
  • Small garbage bag
  • Digital essentials (smartphone, charger, digital memory space)
  • Click here to view more explicit details on your Grouse Grind hiking necessities

3. Find Someone Experienced to Go With (First Timers)

You hear the local news stories all the time. Someone without intermediate+ experience attempts to do the Grouse Grind alone and ends up lost, hurt, or worse. Look no further than this recent rescue (click here) by Grindaholic founder Gerry Rahn as an example of how a casual hike can turn into a scary experience for the less-seasoned. Thankfully, there are Grouse Grind guided tours available for individuals and groups. These are more like adventures and expeditions, not “tours” per se, so don’t worry about feeling out of tune with nature here. It’s a 100% authentic Grouse Grind experience. Click here to learn more and book your guide up the Grouse Grind.

Once you’ve taken the guided expedition, you are on your way to being a seasoned Grindaholic. There are many of you out there, which is why we have created a weekly Grouse Grind hiking group for hikers of all skill levels. Ready to join us on one of our hikes? Click here to view more on how you can join the party.

4. Keep Your Money

Some people are under the assumption that doing the Grouse Grind and experiencing the mountain atop is an expensive affair. It can be. However, with the right guidance, it certainly doesn’t need to be. For one, you can always skip the gondola fee (and line) by taking the BCMC trail down (for more seasoned hikers). You can also enjoy a full day on the mountain without spending money on food and beverages by packing in your own (as per item #2 above). In addition, you can plot out your own post-hike mountain activities instead of coughing up dough for the paid varieties at the resort area. Click here to view more on how you can get the whole Grouse Grind experience for next to nothing (financially, that is).

5. Plan Around the Best Times of the Day/Week, for YOU

This varies by person. Some first-time Grinders prefer the comfort of crowds, others want peace and quiet, and others choose a middle-ground. Finding the right time to do the Grouse Grind is essential to your positive experience and so you should do your homework accordingly. But wait, we’ve done it for you! In this brief article (click here) we have detailed the absolute best times of the day to do the Grouse Grind, segmenting each by the type of experience you want to have.

There you have it! You’re now 90% ready to do the Grouse Grind. What remains? Your Grindaholic t-shirt of course. Pick one up here 🙂

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