Grouse Grind Celebrities – Famous People Who Hike the Grind

//Grouse Grind Celebrities – Famous People Who Hike the Grind

Grouse Grind Celebrities – Famous People Who Hike the Grind

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The Grouse Grind is world famous for the physical and mental challenge it presents and the bounty of natural beauty found along its rugged path. Of course, fame begets more of the same, and thus our favorite trail has attracted not only every day Joes and Janes, but celebrities too. Some try to sneak in the hike discreetly, while others bring the spotlight along with them. To feed your curiosity, we thought we’d share a list of recent Grindaholics who are almost as famous as our world renowned mountain itself.





image: Liberal Party of Canada

The Prime Minister of Canada does not shy away from outdoor adventure (unlike his counterpart across the border…ahem). He’s a big snowboarder, kayaker, and all around athlete so it makes sense that when given the opportunity he’d tackle the Grouse Grind. That opportunity came just two years ago during this campaign, where Canada’s Kennedy not only completed the hike without being charioted up by security personnel, he clocked in a very impressive first time of 54:55! Well done PM, well done.



Celebrity AM talk show host and TV personality Kelly Ripa couldn’t have gushed more about her adoration for Greater Vancouver and the rest of BC that she and her also famous husband Mark Consuelos (currently filming CW’s Riverdale in Vancouver) and family explored. Among the local destinations, was the Grouse Grind, where the couple exchanged pleasantries with all they huffed and puffed passed on the mountain. They even stopped at the 3/4 mark to take an Instagram photo, complete with a pretty funny caption (“I like to think of him as more of a full Mark“) from Ripa.

Given the glowing reviews they gave our great province we all welcome back this handsome family to do the Grind as much as they please!



It makes sense that local Vancouver boy done good Ryan Reynolds (who is synonymously known as Deadpool these days) does the Grouse Grind. If you’ve seen his physique (how could you not – he’s shirtless in everything!) then you know he’s got the level of fitness that it takes to navigate the grueling Grind. He went public with this first recorded hike in 2012, but there have been sightings of Reynolds on the mountain trail through recent years, sans the red and black leotard (so far).



Legendary and uber-likable actor Neil Patrick Harris has recently made Vancouver home (err, one of his homes). It seems that he and his family are settling right in, with frequent sightings in 2017 that include hikes up the Stawamus Chief and the Grouse Grind (pictured above, at the peak).



image: Celebuzz

Matt Damon (who needs no introduction) was spotted by many doing the Grouse Grind a few years back when he was in town filming Elysium. He kept his cool, thanks to a recently shaved head (for the role) but was also friendly and breezy in demeanor, open to taking pictures with fellow hikers that recognized him along the way. Yes, it’s been awhile (2011) and hard to consider it a current sighting, but heck, it’s Matt Damon. We’ll allow it. Come back Matt!

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