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If the red cups are already being served at Starbucks then it’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas for the Grouse Grind aficionado (aka Grindaholic) in your life. Getting them something that speaks to their passion is a great way to show them that you care, and have actually put some real thought into their gift. That’s (the thought) what counts after all, right? Heck no! They want the goods too 😉

4 Fun Holiday Season Gift Ideas for Fans of the Grouse Mountain and Grouse Grind


This just makes good sense, especially if your friend, family, or loved one plans on hiking up the Grind or BCMC through the winter months and doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of shivery Skyride ticket lines, nor the ongoing expense. Annual prices range from $79 (teens) to $129 (grown-ups) but it’s worth it given that it’s a gift that keeps on giving through the 365 days of the year.


It is not uncommon for local hikers and outdoor adventurers to bypass the touristy stuff on the mountain. It sort of becomes an after-thought, something they smirk at while going on about their business. But we can say firsthand that they are missing out. Heck, we’ve collectively been up on the mountain thousands of times and have probably only experienced 10% of all that the resort community has to offer. Nip this in the bud this Holiday season, by giving the gift of a staycation, and book one or more activity for your recipient. Here are few activities (found on the website) that may suit their adventurous souls:

  • Mountain Zipline
  • Snowshoe Snow Cave Experience
  • Eye of the Wind


This one is for the less experienced hiker, someone who may have enjoyed the Grouse Grind or BCMC one or two times in the spring or summer, but has not dared to venture up the mountain during the winter. Why should they be denied the incomparable winter wonderland beauty of the trail/s? By booking them for a guided tour this season with a Grindaholic guide you give them a gift that they will remember for a lifetime. They will gain access to a fountain of knowledge, including sneak peeks at a few secret spots (weather permitting) and an all around good time. Don’t worry, by booking a guided tour for them today, you do not lock them into a set date or time, but you do guarantee our commitment to them and we will work out a date that works best for them (again, weather permitting). You can take it a step further by making it a group gift too – a perfect offering for the entire office.

In addition to the guided tour, everyone on the hike will get their very own Grindaholic t-shirt at no additional cost, making it two gifts in one! View more on the Grouse Grind tours here.


You saw this one coming, right? But hey, there is no better gift for someone who wants to wear their allegiance to the natural wonder of the Grouse Grind on their sleeve. Well now they can do so literally, by opening up a Grindaholic t-shirt on Christmas morning. But don’t stop there, we still have some long sleeved shirts, tank tops, and beanies in stock. The latter are available while quantities last, but if you don’t see them in the e-store, be sure to contact us directly to see what may be on the assembly line. If given enough time, we may be able to do something custom for you – like we did with this Grindaholic onesie!


Stay tuned as we come up with other fun Holiday season ideas for those of you who live the #hikelife, wherever that may be.

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