2017 Seek The Peak Recap and Grindaholic Results

While we’re coming off of the 1st anniversary of the official Grindaholic launch (pat on the back, crew) there was a much better reason to celebrate (and participate) this past weekend. 

The 14th annual Seek the Peak Race (for the BC Cancer Foundation) ran on Sunday June 25. We gathered up some of the Vancouver chapter of Grindaholics and formed a team (competitors and supporters) for the grueling event. We’d like to give a special shoutout to competitors Lizette Renker (Cloverdale), Mark Lamont (North Burnaby), Milan Roy (Vancouver BC) and Gerry Rahn (Surrey) in addition to supporters who included Robyn Rahn, Glenda Lamont, Steve Mynott and Francine Roulston (photographer).

Allow us to provide a brief breakdown of how the team performed.

Milan Roy completed the first 4 KM of the race, leaving Ambleside Park in West Vancouver along the lower part of the Capitano River part way to under the bridge of the freeway. At the 18:58 minute mark, Milan exchanged the wrist band (the Seek the Peak “baton” of sorts) to Gerry for the next 6 KM, which involved a heated run up Capitano Creek along the side of the Capitano Road, beyond the Capitano Hatchery, past the Cleveland Dam, and up Nancy Green Way to the base of Grouse Mountain. There, at minute 43:24, Mark took over for the third leg and completed the Grouse Grind in just 37:45 minutes! From there, Lizette claimed the reins and completed the fourth and final leg of the race. And that final leg was no joke, involving a positively taxing uphill climb to the Peak of Grouse Mountain and back down again to the finish line for a total of 3 KM, concluding the entire affair with an official time of 1:58:52. The result for the all-ages Grindaholic team claimed an impressive 7th place (of 29 teams) in the race. All were proud of the Grindaholic Team, but even more proud to contribute to such a great cause.

Seek the Peak 2017 was a tremendous success for all, especially those who benefit from it most, the recipients of the care that funding provides.

Congratulations to all of the participants and teams that competed in the Seek The Peak this year. We look forward to doing it again in 2018. Stay tuned! Until then, enjoy a few pics (courtesy of Francine Roulston) below:

Do you want to join the Grindaholic team next year? Or are you simply looking to become a part of the community? Start by grabbing a shirt and wearing your allegiance to the “get outdoors more” philosophy.