Grouse Grind Guided Tours Now Available

Grindaholic always aspired to be so much more than an apparel brand. We wanted to build a community of people with a feverous appreciation for the great outdoors and the adventures that it affords us. Given that our home base is in Greater Vancouver BC, it all begins with one of the world's most revered (and sometimes feared) hiking destinations - the Grouse Grind.

Practically any adventurous soul who lives or visits the Lower Mainland has been tempted by the call of the Grouse Grind. However, some continue to put it off because they've heard the tales of how challenging it can be. They also can't help but heed the warning put out by the local media, noting that inexperienced hikers should not attempt the Grind without the assistance of an experienced party. Fair enough, it happens. But none of this should dissuade you from tackling and enjoying one of Mother Nature's most wondrous offerings. As a part of our mission to build that aforementioned community, Grindaholic is going beyond the hope of inspiring you to hike the great outdoors, we will take you there ourselves!

That's right, as of July 2017 Grindaholic is now offering guided tours of the Grouse Grind, in addition to other challenging local area hikes that include the Stawamus Chief (Squamish), the Abby Grind, and much more. We offer set-pricing for both individuals and groups looking for Grouse Grind guided tours. View prices and everything else you need to know about the tour package by clicking here. For inquiries regarding other local area guided hikes, simply contact us by completing the form found here

Are we somewhat sidelining our commitment to the apparel brand? Heck no. In fact, by booking your Grouse Grind tour, you will receive a FREE Grindaholic t-shirt (for each person in the tour party). If you were thinking about buying a shirt in the first place then the tour practically pays for itself. Of course, we don't hand over your complementary shirt until you've taken that final step up the Grind - you've got to earn it after all! Can't wait to get your Grindaholic gear or you're already a serious adventurer that is looking to join the community? No problem, you can pick up your Grindaholic t-shirts, tank-tops, beanies, and stickers from our online store.

We look forward to being your guide to the Grouse Grind this season!